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John Dedon On Estate Planning: Is It R.I.P. For IRAs?
Posted on 5 Nov 2014 by John Dedon

In an October online article in The Wall Street Journal , the reporter described how Congress is examining large IRAs, and IRAs holding real estate and closely held business interests. Congress’ concern is that IRA income tax advantages are being... Read More

John Dedon On Estate Planning: Planning Not Just For The ‘Very Wealthy’
Posted on 5 Nov 2014 by John Dedon

Russ Alan Prince, for Forbes, published an article on October 13, titled "The Very Wealthy Embrace Severe Disaster Contingency Planning." The article outlined how today, "the exceptionally wealthy [are] vulnerable to geopolitical instability... Read More

John Dedon on Estate Planning – Staying Current
Posted on 11 Jul 2014 by John Dedon

Attached below is a July 3, 2014 Forbes article detailing the need for clients to review and update their estate plans. Now that I have been in practice for 30 years, approximately 25 percent of the legal work that I do comes from existing clients updating... Read More

John Dedon On Estate Planning: 1031 Exchanges And End Of Year Planning
Posted on 5 Nov 2014 by John Dedon

My partner, David Lawrence, is an expert on Section 1031 tax-free exchanges involving investment real estate. His thoughts regarding end of year planning and the advantages of 1031s is below. Tax Straddling When Selling Investment Property Between... Read More

John Dedon on Estate Planning: Buy-Sell Arrangements and Irrevocable Insurance Trusts
Posted on 16 Jul 2015 by John Dedon

A common estate planning strategy for people with taxable estates is to have an irrevocable trust own life insurance, rather than owning the insurance themselves. Even with the current amount an individual can protect from estate tax at $5,340,000, some... Read More