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Financial Fraud Law

$9.84 Scam Adds Up

 There’s a new financial fraud going around that many people will probably not even notice. In fact, the financial fraudsters engaging in this scam seem to be counting on the fact that many consumer do not carefully check their credit card statements. As a result, unexplained charges of $9.84 – yes, $9.84 – seem to be adding up.

Here’s how the Better Business Bureau says the scam works:  A strange charge of $9.84 appears on a credit card statement. The source listed on the bill is a Web site that is unfamiliar to the consumer. The consumer may check out the Web address, and find that it is not the business Web site but, rather, a generic landing page that claims to offer "Customer Support." The text promises to "refund 100% of your last payment" and provides a phone number and email address. 

What's going on here? Scammers are charging stolen credit card numbers for a small amount of money.  (Recent victims were all charged $9.84, but scammers may change that amount as word gets out.) The expectation is that many cardholders won't notice the relatively small charge, and the credit card companies won't go after such a minor sum. 

Victims report calling the "customer support" site and receiving verbal confirmation that the charge would be canceled.  However, consumers should not take the scammers at their word. Rather, they should contact their bank to report the charges and request a new credit card. The consumers’ card information has been compromised, and it's likely scammers will be back for more.   

Learn more: BBB Scam Stopper.

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