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Immigration Law

Immigration Case Management Software from Tracker Corp Available


ImmigrationTrackerTM provides a user-friendly way to streamline immigration case management. Developed by immigration attorneys, not just engineers, ImmigrationTracker is a web-based application that enables immigration professionals to save time and money by automating data collection, forms processing, client communications, audits and more. With Tracker, your team will benefit immediately from case-specific best-practices content and automated workflows. Tracker's crawl-walk-run model enables you to immediately utilize out-of-the box processes, content and reporting functionalities developed by expert legal teams, or to design your own on the fly, with continual guidance from Tracker services and support teams. Tracker works best because it works the way real-world immigration professionals do.  

Tracker's comprehensive immigration law software provides:

  • Up-to-date integrated immigration forms
  • Automated case preparation and status tracking
  • Easy-to-navigate system provides all functions on one screen
  • 100% accuracy control, with automatic flagging of changed questionnaire data
  • The most complete out-of-the-box and easily-customized workflows
  • The fastest, most-secure online document upload/access (enterprise version)
  • Easily-customized reporting and calendaring
  • A secure, web-based client/corporate interface

To learn more about ImmigrationTracker, visit Tracker Corp or call 1-888-411-TRKR 

About Tracker Corp

Tracker was founded in 1998 and has focused on Immigration Software since inception. In addition to our core team of San Francisco based engineering and product experts, we work with a best practices team, staff attorneys and a client driven Product Development Council to ensure our products are the best in the industry. We currently service more than 300 clients ranging from single users to enterprise level organizations with 200+ users. Our philosophy has been to continually strive to build the most creative, effective, streamlined solutions that a combination of technology and smart people can create. We don't just build cool software, we make our customers' lives easier. 

For more information about LexisNexis products and solutions, connect with us through our corporate site.

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