Bender Immigration Bulletin - Daily Edition: Roger That, Message Received

Bender Immigration Bulletin - Daily Edition: Roger That, Message Received

To all loyal Bender Immigration Bulletin Daily Edition Subscribers:  

We appreciate the constructive feedback that you've provided this week regarding the new site and the new e-mail alert format, and we want to let you know that we have heard you loud and clear.  We appreciate your loyalty to the BIBDE and we want to continue to provide you with the valuable information upon which you have come to rely. In integrating the BIBDE content into the newly created Immigration Law Community, we wanted to provide a more valuable experience by incorporating relevant blogs, podcasts, and commentary alongside the BIBDE content that Dan Kowalski carefully cultivates.  

The most significant area of concern is around the changes to the BIBDE daily e-newsletter which are not adequately addressed by the new newsletter alert. To address those concerns, we will be launching a BIBDE specific e-newsletter that will include linked headlines, abstracts, article dates, and article sources in an easy to read format. The BIBDE e-newsletter will be ready for publication the week of Oct. 17.  

In addition, we will be enhancing the existing Community e-mail alerts to include abstracts in addition to headlines should you want to continue to receive alerts for other Community content. We will also be exploring alternatives to the content display on the homepage of the site to increase visability of content headlines and abstracts. We are also developing a mobile application for the site that will be available early next year. Finally, Dan's image will appear less frequently throughout the site.  

All content previously published to the BIBDE site should now be accessible on the new site within the Inside or Outside News areas. If you have any difficulty accessing the content, please contact Gregg Lawson. Any content submissions should continue to be sent to Dan Kowalski.  

We appreciate your patience and input as we work through this transition, and we hope that you ultimately find the new site to be more valuable. We encourage you to explore other areas of the site such as the Immigration Law Blog and Immigration Law Podcast areas that feature interviews and commentary.  

Please continue to let us know how we can improve the experience for you to make it more useful, and thank you again for your support.  

Tracie Morris

Web 2.0 Manager, LexisNexis Communities

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Gregg Lawson

Web 2.0 Content Editor


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  • 10-12-2011

Please put the inside/outside news together on one page like the old BIBD format. It is more convenient to view everything in one place rather than in two separate windows.

Tracie Morris
  • 10-14-2011

Thank you for the feedback. If anyone else has thoughts on the presentation of Inside and Outside News on the site, please let us know.

  • 10-23-2011

Well, I did program for one year 35 years ago, but I am still baffled how to search and I suggest that there be a page (not the FAQ) that explains how to use BIBDE e-newsletter and this community, and it could have a signature slot that verifies that I understand. Now I just get............short captions and no easy way to search. It is impossible to practice immigration law without viewing this site, but why it was made so difficult.. Bart Klein