Has Your N-400 Client Been CARRPed?

Has Your N-400 Client Been CARRPed?

CARRP = Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program.  

Jennie Pasquarella, Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Southern California writes:

"It applies to any application for an immigration benefit filed with USCIS.  There are many troubling aspects of the policy, but here are a few highlights:

-          It defines a "national security concern" extraordinarily broadly and relies on criteria based on profiling, capturing many immigrants from the Arab and Muslim world.

-          A person is automatically considered a "national security concern" if their name is contained within the Terrorist Screening Database, which includes, but is more expansive than, the selectee list that is used by TSA (which is already overinclusive and disproportionately burdens the Arab and Muslim immigrant population in the US).

-          Any person USCIS deems to be a "national security concern" is subject to the CARRP policy, requiring extensive law enforcement investigations (usually by the FBI) and mandating that applications be held in abeyance so long as the investigations are ongoing, in spite of statutory obligations to process applications within certain periods of time. 

-          The policy directs that USCIS may not approve any application for a person who is still considered a "national security concern" after investigation.  Instead, it directs agents to find any reason they can to deny the application, and if possible, to initiate removal proceedings."

Tarek Hamdi's N-400 was stalled for over 10 years; a federal judge finally made him a citizen.