New Documents Added to USCIS Policy Manual

New Documents Added to USCIS Policy Manual

"USCIS Message: New Documents Added to USCIS Policy Manual

Dear Stakeholder,

New documents are now available for your review and comment. Please follow the instructions below.

New or Revised Policies in the USCIS Policy Manual

USCIS seeks your input on the USCIS Policy Manual<> items listed below which contain either new or revised policy guidance. Please note that these items are interim guidance and therefore effective immediately.

 *   Volume 8, Part J and Volume 9, Part G: Fraud and Willful Misrepresentation Inadmissibility and Waiver<> (Effective March 25, 2014).

The final date for comments is April 7, 2014.

Please send all comments to<> and be sure to include the following:

 *   State the title of the relevant volume and section in the subject line of your message;

 *   Refer to a specific portion of the document;

 *   Explain the reason for any recommended change; and

 *   Include data, information, or authority that supports the recommendation.

If you are unable to access this document through the links provided above, please do the following:

 1.  Go to<>
 2.  Select “Feedback Opportunities<>” on the left side of the page

Kind Regards,

USCIS Public Engagement Division" - USCIS E-Mail to Stakeholders, Mar. 25, 2014.