NILC Update on DACA Renewal Process

NILC Update on DACA Renewal Process

"We are one step closer to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) having the DACA renewal form ready and available for applicants!

USCIS has released another draft of the DACA application form, after having reviewed comments and suggestions about the previous draft of the revised form that various organizations submitted. We see some improvements in the latest draft of the form and instructions, and we want to encourage you to take a look at them. If you would like to submit comments, they are due on May 5. Instructions for how to submit them are available here.

You can find our FAQ about DACA renewals here. It is based on what we know so far about what the renewal process will be like, which in turn is based on the draft application form and instructions that USCIS released this past December.

Please remember that the vast majority of DACA renewal applicants cannot renew their work permit yet — not until the revised DACA application form is finalized. (An exception to this applies only to the very few DACA recipients who were granted DACA by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) before Aug. 15, 2012.)

USCIS’s latest published information about DACA renewal is available here. USCIS says that you should submit your DACA renewal application package about 120 days (or 4 months) before your current period of DACA expires. USCIS will not accept requests made earlier than 150 days (or 5 months) before that expiration date." - NILC, Apr. 15, 2014.