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Immigration Law

BIA Remand Relating to Matter of A-B-

Prof. Geoffrey Hoffman writes: "[Here is a] redacted decision w/ permission from counsel from the Board granting a remand in a Matter of A-B- case. Hats off to my colleague at the UHLC immigration clinic Parker Sheffy, who handled the case at the BIA when he was at UH and then when he was briefly at Cardozo. Now he is back at UH and will continue on the case w/ Cardozo's Elizabeth Wu. This is a great decision as it affirms that A-B- (III) changed the law back to A-R-C-G- and warrants a remand back to the IJ for new proceedings. Importantly the Board notes that the remand is in light of the current case law of the BIA and the Fifth Circuit. Importantly, the Fifth Circuit's Jaco v. Garland decision was not cited or relied on as impeding remand."