The 2013 Nation of Immigrators Awards - The IMMIs Are Announced

The 2013 Nation of Immigrators Awards - The IMMIs Are Announced

"Hindsight, the armchair pundits say, is 20-20.  The year 2013 has proven them wrong.

The end-of-year's rear-view mirror onto the world of U.S. immigration shows impenetrable fog.  Unsurprisingly, as filmgoers know, vapory views of the recent past tend to diminish the apparent significance of events occurring early in the year ("never has a film released in July won an Oscar").

So how did a year that began with such thunder for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), and that culminated in the mid-year passage of a massive reform bill in the Senate, end with such a thud? Chronicler Aura Bogado ably and graphically recounts key immigration events of 2013 that explain how CIR ultimately died in the House.

A chronological description of events, however, reports what happened but not necessarily why.  For that, no matter how daunting the task, NationOfImmigrators is at your service, hereby conferring its 2013 IMMI Awards.  

Just as in years past (20102011 and 2012), the rules are the same:  There are no rules.  These awards are merely one immigration insider's  opinions formed from the outside -- before, during and after a recent trip to Ellis Island (it had only partly reopened five weeks earlier after suffering damages from Hurricane Sandy).  Our national immigration monument, quite fittingly, is a substantial remove from Foggy Bottom and environs, the epicenter for most of the year's action and inaction." - Angelo A. Paparelli, Dec. 30, 2013.