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Immigration Law

Are USCIS Furloughs Necessary? "Emphatically Not."

Stuart Anderson, Forbes, Aug. 17, 2020

"To better understand the impact of a USCIS staff furlough, I interviewed Doug Rand, who worked on immigration policy in the Obama White House as assistant director for entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of Boundless Immigration, a technology company that helps immigrants obtain green cards and citizenship. He is also a senior fellow and director of the Technology and Innovation Initiative at the Federation of American Scientists. ... Anderson: Are the furloughs necessary?  Rand: Emphatically not. If the Trump administration kicks over 13,000 U.S. workers to the curb and shuts down the legal immigration system at the end of August, that’s a policy choice, not a fiscal necessity.  We know this based on public data from USCIS itself."