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Immigration Law

Business as Usual for ICE in Montana After Racist E-Mail Incident

Montana ICE supervisor Bruce Norum was suspended after he forwarded a "racially-charged, Islamophobic email to [immigration attorney] Shahid Haque-Hausrath, of Helena."  Now he's back on the job, with no apology and no explanation from ICE.  "Norum, as the most senior ICE official in Montana, has control over most ICE operations in the state, including decisions on whether to arrest or investigate suspected undocumented aliens or to detain or deport individuals.  Haque-Hausrath said without further knowledge about the investigation or any disciplinary action that may or may not have been taken against Norum, he'll be left to argue in front of judges that cases Norum handled should be dismissed.  'Mr. Norum has compromised the integrity of the ICE operation, and he cannot erase the damage he's done to his reputation or the perception that he cannot fairly perform his duties,' Haque-Hausrath said. 'He endorsed radical and unconstitutional views in the email, and this will call into question decisions he makes from here on out. I think this information can and should be used in any kind of future proceedings that he's involved in.'" - Great Falls Tribune, June 10, 2012.