Immigration Law

Report: Thousands Of U.S. Citizens Arrested By ICE

"One of the most disturbing findings in our research is that 1.6% of cases we analyzed were U.S. citizens and all were apprehended by ICE. If we extrapolate that number to the 226,694 cumulative administrative arrests and/or bookings into ICE custody from Secure Communities’ inception, then we find that approximately 3,600 US citizens have been apprehended by ICE from the inception of the program through April 2011.  What do these apprehensions indicate? Our dataset contains limited information, but we know that the U.S. citizens were not officially booked into an ICE detention facility, but were arrested, held in custody for some period and presumably subject to questioning regarding their immigration status. No data is available on their length of time in ICE custody." - Secure Communities By The Numbers, Oct. 2011, page 4.

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