Immigration Law

Woman immigrant in same-sex marriage won't be deported

"A New York woman releases a deep sigh of relief as she reflects on a court ruling that her spouse will not be torn from her by the looming threat of deportation.  'Now we can make plans, and we have all the time in the world,' Cristina Ojeda, 26, tells CNN.  Monday, she received a letter confirming the ruling by Immigration Judge Terry Bain that will allow her wife, Argentina-born Monica Alcota, 36, to stay in the United States, according to the couple's attorney, Lavi Soloway.  Soloway said this is the first time the government had asked an immigration court to close removal proceedings against a spouse in a same-sex couple since the Department of Homeland Security announced November 17 that a 'working group' would be reviewing all pending immigration cases." - CNN, Dec. 6, 2011.