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Daniel M. Kowalski
ICE Refuses To Release More Comprehensive Detainer Data - TRAC

TRAC, Mar. 20, 2017 - "Today Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued its first weekly report on detainers that it said had been refused by non-federal law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, the information ICE released...

Daniel M. Kowalski
Trump Travel Ban, Visa Changes Could Heighten Doctor Shortage

Miriam Jordan, New York Times, Mar. 18, 2017 - "Small-­town America relies on a steady flow of doctors from around the world to deliver babies, treat heart ailments and address its residents’ medical needs. But a recent, little­publicized...

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Daniel M. Kowalski
Nearly 300 Law Professors: Trump’s Executive Order on “Sanctuary” Cities Is Unconstitutional

ILRC, Mar. 13, 2017 - "292 constitutional, immigration, administrative, and international law professors and scholars delivered a letter to President Trump demanding that he rescind section 9(a) of Executive Order 13768 due to its likely violations...

Daniel M. Kowalski
Alert for Registering Students for School and Resources - IDRA

IDRA, Mar. 20, 2017 - "As schools are registering students for the next school year, this alert is a reminder that public schools, by law, must serve all children. The education of undocumented students is guaranteed by the Plyler vs. Doe decision...

Daniel M. Kowalski
Advocates File Complaint Alleging Visitation Denials and Restrictions at 14 Immigration Detention Facilities

CIVIC, Mar. 15, 2017 - " Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), a national advocacy organization, filed a complaint today calling for a federal investigation into ICE stakeholder tour and visitation denials and restrictions...

Daniel M. Kowalski
Expert: "A leopard cannot change his spots by taking a bath" (Trump Travel Ban Litigation)

Laura Jarrett, CNN, Mar. 17, 2017 - "When then-presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims" entering the US back in 2015, he probably didn't imagine those words would come back to haunt him...