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Sam Bernsen on Prosecutorial Discretion (1976)

Legal Opinion from INS General Counsel Sam Bernsen to the INS Commissioner, July 15, 1976 . [From a FOIA request filed by Stephen W. Yale-Loehr .]

From the Archives: 1944 INS Newsletter, 'The Span'

From legacy INS District 13 (N. Cal., Hawaii, Nevada, Utah) - Nov. 1944, Issue No. 1, The Span . Thanks to Daniel C. Horne for providing this. [Very large file; may take time to load/view.]

What is IRCA, and What Does It Have To Do with Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

By Nolan Rappaport Former immigration official and congressional staffer Nolan Rappaport explains the lessons of the debate, passage, and results of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. Mr. Rappaport points out that advocates of comprehensive immigration reform now must learn from the effects...