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No Safe Place

"A growing number of wealthy and middle-class Mexicans are fleeing rising violence and kidnappings perpetrated by criminal syndicates that have taken over swaths of Mexico." - Melissa del Bosque, The Texas Observer, Oct. 25, 2011 .

Organized Crime, Violence, and Visas

"They enter the United States legally from Mexico with the proper papers and visas, but then they cannot go home. So they overstay their visas. They are surgeons, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, members of Mexico’s wealthy middle and upper middle-class educated population. The expansion...

Mexico's "Narco-Refugees": The Looming Challenge for U.S. National Security

"Given the ever-increasing brutality of the cartels, the question is whether and how the United States Government should begin to prepare for what could be a new wave of migrants coming from Mexico. ... This monograph focuses on the asylum claims of Mexicans who unwillingly leave Mexico, rather...