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Seventh Circuit on trafficking victims, social group: Cece v. Holder (good dissent)

"Johana Cece, a citizen of Albania, petitions for review of a decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals upholding the denial of her application for asylum because she had not established membership in a particular social group. Cece argues on appeal that young Albanian women in danger of being...

CA7: Rehearing Granted in Cece v. Holder (social group; trafficking)

"The Petition for Rehearing En Banc is GRANTED, and the panel’s opinion and judgment are VACATED." - Cece v. Holder, May 31, 2012 . [Hats off to Scott Bratton !]

CA7 on Social Group: Cece v. Holder

"The immigration judge granted Cece asylum in 2006, concluding that she belonged to the group of “young women who are targeted for prostitution by traffickers in Albania,” and that the Albanian government was unwilling or unable to protect such women. ... The Board dismissed Cece’s...