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ICE Directive: Interests of Noncitizen Parents and Legal Guardians of Minor Children or Incapacitated Adults
Posted on 14 Jul 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

ICE, July 14, 2022 "...It is the policy of ICE to ensure that the agency’s civil immigration enforcement activities do not unnecessarily disrupt or infringe upon the parental or guardianship rights of noncitizen parents or legal guardians... Read More

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Texas Supreme Court on Immigration Detention, Licensure, Standing: Grassroots Leadership v. TDFPS
Posted on 17 Jun 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Grassroots Leadership v. TDFPS "In this suit, we determine whether the plaintiffs have standing to challenge a Department of Family and Protective Services licensing rule governing immigration detention centers. The court of appeals concluded that... Read More

No Place for a Child
Posted on 16 Jun 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Anna Flagg, Julia Preston, June 16, 2022 "In cells built for adults, one-third are child migrants. Border authorities have resisted improving conditions for minors in crowded, freezing facilities." Read More

The Upward Mobility of the Children of Immigrants
Posted on 2 Jun 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Ran Abramitzky, Leah Boustan, Time Magazine, June 1, 2022 "Using millions of records of immigrant families from 1880 to 1940 and then again from 1980 to today, we find that the in past and still today children of immigrants surpass their parents... Read More

Aaliyah The Brave: Empowering Children Coping With Immigration Enforcement
Posted on 31 May 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Rekha Sharma-Crawford "Aaliyah is every child who has ever known the heartbreak of having a parent forcibly removed from the home by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She is the voiceless, and faceless child that is often forgotten in a system... Read More

DOS Notice: Visas for Ukrainian Children
Posted on 23 Mar 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

DOS, Mar. 22, 2022 " Visas for Ukrainian Children in the Process of Intercountry Adoption and/or Who Previously Traveled for Hosting Programs in the United States The Office of Children’s Issues and many U.S. Embassies in Europe, particularly... Read More

Posted on 14 Mar 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

National Center for Youth Law, Mar. 14, 2022 "On Friday, March 11, 2022, a federal judge held that unaccompanied children in federal immigration custody are entitled to greater constitutional protections than they are currently afforded when they... Read More

Research: Immigration Judges Influenced by Politics
Posted on 15 Jul 2021 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Daniel Braaten, Claire Nolasco Braaten, The Conversation, July 13, 2021 "The news over the past months has been saturated with stories about another “surge” of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border of the U.S. In March 2021... Read More

Experts to Explain Influx of Children at the Border
Posted on 2 Apr 2021 by Daniel M. Kowalski

ABA, Apr. 1, 2021 "Five legal experts will explain the latest influx of unaccompanied migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border in a webinar April 9 hosted by the American Bar Association Commission on Immigration . The free program, which starts... Read More

Notice of Temporary Exception From Expulsion of Unaccompanied Noncitizen Children Pending Forthcoming Public Health Determination
Posted on 17 Feb 2021 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 30 / Wednesday, February 17, 2021 "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), located within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announces a temporary exception from expulsion for unaccompanied... Read More

ABA Joins Lawsuit to Protect Immigrant Children
Posted on 15 Feb 2021 by Daniel M. Kowalski

ABA, Feb. 12, 2021 "The American Bar Association today joined a lawsuit challenging federal government actions that effectively prevent many unaccompanied children who have suffered persecution and abuse in their home countries from securing all... Read More

ICE Snubs Biden, Mayorkas, Deports Kids to Haiti
Posted on 9 Feb 2021 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Ed Pilkington, The Guardian, Feb. 8, 2021 "US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) deported at least 72 people to Haiti on Monday, including a two-month-old baby and 21 other children, in an apparent flagrant breach of the Biden administration’s... Read More

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Rep. Pressley Demands Answers on Immigration Court Scheduling Orders Targeting Immigrant Children and Unaccompanied Minors
Posted on 9 Dec 2020 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07), Dec. 8, 2020 "“It seems the Immigration Court could be ordering children removed from the United States for failure to comply with orders that are unjustifiable and, in many cases, inapplicable to the... Read More

Another Crack in CDC's Border Blockade?
Posted on 9 Sep 2020 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Hamed Aleaziz, BuzzFeed News, Sept. 8, 2020 "The Trump administration is considering changing a pandemic-related border policy to no longer quickly return unaccompanied immigrant children to four countries that require them to test negative for... Read More

Tags: Children , CDC , asylum , border

TVPRA Victory - Ramirez v. ICE
Posted on 3 Jul 2020 by Daniel M. Kowalski

NIJC, July 2, 2020 "A federal court has ruled that the failure of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to consider less restrictive settings before transferring unaccompanied immigrant youth to ICE detention on their 18th birthdays... Read More