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Discovery En Español Releases Documentary About Dangerous Route For Those Crossing U.S.-Mexico Border

"The documentary highlights the increased perils of crossing the border due to drug cartel violence by following a group of migrants in their journey. ... The special premieres on Sunday, October 16 at 9 PM E/P." HuffPost Latino Voices, Oct. 5, 2011 .

Wall of Words

"Since last year, agents in Arizona have called Mexican and Central American television and radio stations and newspapers, asking for the opportunity to tell of the dangers of crossing illegally, particularly through the Sonoran Desert . The outreach, which was initially greeted with skepticism...

Border Crossings Down, But Deaths Remain the Same: Video

"Border crossings are at an all-time low but the number of recorded deaths remain the same. Since President Barack Obama took office, he's overseen at least 1.8 million deportations, a figure that has likely reached 2 million today. Fusion's Jorge Ramos went to the border of Nogales, Arizona...