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Your Editor Overseas for (Working) R&R

From Aug. 6th-18th I'll be in France ( Marseille , Riez , Les Baux ) so postings may be delayed and/or fewer in number. Sorry to miss the Big Day, DACA's Birthday , on the 15th. À bientôt!

Your Editor on Holiday

Until January 6, 2013 I will be testing the connectivity of the interwebs from 20.8000° N, 156.3333° W. I'll try to keep up with the news, but posting may be lighter than normal, and/or delayed. Aloha!

Looking for the 'Inside News' and 'Outside News' Tabs?

Yes, the new 'Legal Newsroom' format is a 'work in progress.' While LexisNexis works out the kinks, here are links you can bookmark for direct routes to Inside News and Outside News . As always, your comments are welcome at dk at justnews dot org. Thank you for your loyalty! Dan Kowalski...

Your Editor on Brief Forced Internet Holiday

As some of you know, your Editor has opened a branch office of The Fowler Law Firm in the Front Range of Colorado. But getting the interwebs to work on both ends takes time. (We can put a man on the moon, but...) I hope to be back to full posting speed by Monday, July 6, 2015. Meanwhile, my 'office'...