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Jailing Immigrants Indefinitely an Assault on Due Process: Bruce Einhorn

"Americans would be surprised to learn that thousands of the prisoners in our massive system are immigration detainees, wasting away in jail while awaiting their deportation hearings. In many cases, immigrants in detention cannot be deported from the U.S because we lack diplomatic relations with...

Former IJ Bruce Einhorn Speaks on Border Crisis (Video)

"Joining us in studio is Judge Bruce Einhorn, a former immigration judge and a Pepperdine University law professor." - KTTV, July 2014 .

Former IJ: Los Angeles Need to Provide Lawyers for Immigrants

Bruce J. Einhorn, Mar. 27, 2017 - "[D]efendants in immigration court have no constitutional right to a court-appointed lawyer. For this reason, New York City and other localities have created programs to provide lawyers to immigrants facing deportation. At the moment, L.A. has no such program in...