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ICE Abuse of Stipulated Removal Process Against Alleged Gang Members

Another blockbuster blogging / reporting feat of strength by Prof. Jacqueline Stevens, who writes: "Federal agents deployed through a special "Gang Surge Operation" have been arresting and deporting people based solely on unreviewed allegations of alienage and gang membership, including...

CA4 on Social Group, Former (MS-13) Gang Membership: Martinez v. Holder

"[W]e conclude that the BIA erred as a matter of law in its interpretation of the phrase “particular social group” by holding that former gang membership is not an immutable characteristic of a particular social group for purposes of § 1231(b)(3)." - Martinez v. Holder, Jan...

Honduran Asylum Victory: False Accusation of Gang Membership by DHS, Virginia Police

Here's a link to a 17-page decision issued March 15, 2016 by Arlington IJ Rodger C. Harris. Hats off to Jay S. Marks !