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Liam Schwartz' January 2013 'Consular Corner' Column

Liam Schwartz' January 2013 'Consular Corner' Column - here - Back Issues - here - Liam Schwartz

October 2013 Consular Corner

Liam Schwartz has sobering news regarding DV cases in the Ukraine in the October 2013 issue of Consular Corner .

Consular Corner's 'Best of FAM' 2013 - Liam Schwartz

"The sixteen volumes of the Foreign Affairs Manual ("FAM") set forth the responsibilities and authorities of each of the major components of the Department of State ("DOS" or "the Department"). Volume 9 of the FAM is dedicated to visa-related instructions and guidance...

March 2014 Consular Corner: Liam Schwartz

"Prudential" visa revocations, presidential proclamations, and a new FAM subchapter. Read all about them in the March 2014 Consular Corner , by Liam Schwartz .

April 2014 Consular Corner: Liam Schwartz

"The Office of Visa Services (“the Visa Office”), in the Bureau of Consular Affairs (“CA”), interprets visa laws and regulations. The Visa Office runs the “LegalNet” program, in which it accepts inquiries from applicants or their attorneys regarding the interpretation...

July 2014 Consular Corner: Liam Schwartz

"State Department policy on overstays is troubling. To understand why, let’s start with the basics. ..." - Consular Corner, July 2014, Liam Schwartz .

September 2014 Consular Corner: Liam Schwartz

Lawyers, Lexicologists and Dancing Angels - "U.S. immigration law calls a foreign national’s arrival in the United States, without inspection by a border official, an “illegal entry.” The law refers to those who make an illegal entry as “illegal entrants.” Having crossed...

November 2014 Consular Corner: Liam Schwartz

Quote of the Corner: "Any country where the monarch opens their home for free pretzels and beer is doing something right." - Ambassador Suzi LeVine, on the Principality of Liechtenstein. Only in Liam Schwartz' Consular Corner will you find stuff like this.

December 2014 Consular Corner, by Liam Schwartz

This issue is packed with powerful info: INA 214(b) Refusals: 10 Years After; 12 Years Later: Perspective on the Staffing of the Visa Interview Line; The President’s Executive Actions on Immigration: One Take-Away for Consular Officers; Recent Updates in the World of the U.S. Visa Application Process;...