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AAO Hardship Waiver Victories: Colombia; Mexico

Hats off to attorney B. John Ovink ! Matter of Mayorga Cespedes , Jan. 3, 2012 (Colombia) Matter of Contreras , Feb. 3, 2012 (Mexico)

AAO Hardship Waiver Victory: Mexico

Jennifer M. Morrissey writes: "Here is an I-601 AAO approval I received today. Only took six years…. (I-601 filed in 2007 with Portland Field Office – denied 2009, appeal to AAO denied 2012, Motion to Reopen granted and I-601 approved March 15, 2013 )."

AAO 212(h) Hardship Victory; Mexico; Drug Conviction

"The favorable factors in the applicant's case include the extreme hardship his spouse would suffer as a result of his inadmissibility; his other family ties to the United States; the lack of any criminal record beyond the conviction for possession of marijuana, and, as attested to by numerous...

AAO 212(i) Hardship Victory; Mexico, Alien Smuggling, False Claim

Tarik H. Sultan writes: "Applicant, married to U.S. citizen husband with U.S. citizen children, filed adjustment with INA § 212(i) waiver to address pre-1996 false claim to citizenship. USCIS denied adjustment, finding her inadmissible for alien smuggling because her underage brother had also...