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AAO Hardship Waiver Victories: Colombia; Mexico

Hats off to attorney B. John Ovink ! Matter of Mayorga Cespedes , Jan. 3, 2012 (Colombia) Matter of Contreras , Feb. 3, 2012 (Mexico)

AAO Hardship Waiver Victory: Mexico

Jennifer M. Morrissey writes: "Here is an I-601 AAO approval I received today. Only took six years…. (I-601 filed in 2007 with Portland Field Office – denied 2009, appeal to AAO denied 2012, Motion to Reopen granted and I-601 approved March 15, 2013 )."

Unpub. BIA Cancellation Hardship Victory; Mexico; Heart Defects

"We also find that, while the respondent in this case has family in Mexico, her situation nevertheless is analogous to that in Matter of Recinas, supra, as she is a single mother of limited economic means who is supporting her five children, including four United States citizens, two of whom have...

AAO 212(h) Hardship Victory; Mexico; Drug Conviction

"The favorable factors in the applicant's case include the extreme hardship his spouse would suffer as a result of his inadmissibility; his other family ties to the United States; the lack of any criminal record beyond the conviction for possession of marijuana, and, as attested to by numerous...

AAO 212(i) Hardship Victory; Mexico, Alien Smuggling, False Claim

Tarik H. Sultan writes: "Applicant, married to U.S. citizen husband with U.S. citizen children, filed adjustment with INA § 212(i) waiver to address pre-1996 false claim to citizenship. USCIS denied adjustment, finding her inadmissible for alien smuggling because her underage brother had also...