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Five Myths About The Immigration 'Line'

How long is the wait, really? - Daniel M. Kowalski, Feb. 1, 2013 .

Smerconish and Kowalski on 'The Line'

Media superstar Michael Smerconish (he's interviewed Obama seven times !) discussed Five Myths About the Immigration Line with yours truly on Feb. 5, 2013. Here's a link to the MP3 .

Migration Myths, Detention Realities - César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández

"The large number of children and families who came to the United States over the summer months seeking refuge is no longer news. After filling the front pages, taking over the blogosphere, and occupying the minds of what seemed to be every politician in the country, much of that attention has shifted...

Debunking the Top Ten Arguments Against High-Skilled Immigration

"Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a vocal group of advocates insists that the United States does not face a shortage of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workers. The advocates argue incorrectly that high-skilled immigration is not only unnecessary but is actually...