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New Blog: Immigrant Worker Justice

"NELP’s Immigrant Worker Justice Project works at the intersection of labor law and immigration law. We seek to expand and defend the labor rights of all workers, and to ensure that immigrant workers can assert their labor rights in a climate of equality and fairness, free from fear...

Workers’ Rights on ICE: How Immigration Reform Can Stop Retaliation and Advance Labor Rights

"New report details how bad-actor employers use immigration enforcement to retaliate against workers, subverting both immigration and labor laws." - NELP, Feb. 2013 .

Free U Visa Practice Manual: NELP

U Visas for Victims of Workplace Crime: A Practice Manual " The National Employment Law Project is pleased to announce the release of U Visas for Victims of Workplace Crime: A Practice Manual. The practice manual is free, and available for download here: http://nelp.3cdn.net/310537e0a2042271a9_mlbrjkjfx...