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The Asylum Clock: EOIR OPPM 11-02

"The Executive Office for Immigration Review ("EOIR") operates an "asylum clock," which measures the length of time an asylum application has been pending for each asylum applicant in removal proceedings. As explained below, the asylum clock is an administrative function that...

EOIR OPPM 12-01: Procedures for Suspension/Cancellation Cases as Cap Approaches

Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum 12-01: Procedures on Handling Applications for Suspension/Cancellation in Non-Detained Cases Once Numbers are no Longer Available in a Fiscal Year - Feb. 3, 2012. "This Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum (OPPM) supersedes and replaces OPPM...

OPPM 13-01: Continuances and Administrative Closure

"... A case where both parties support resolving the matter outside of immigration court proceedings is not one that generally should remain on the court's docket. Examples of such cases include those where DHS has decided to exercise prosecutorial discretion (PD), and those involving deferred...

OPPM 13-02: The Asylum Clock

"This Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum (“OPPM”) provides guidance on the asylum clock for proceedings before EOIR." - EOIR, Dec. 2, 2013 .

OPPM 13-03: ABT Settlement Implementation Guidelines

"This Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum (“OPPM”) provides guidance on the implementation of the terms of the ABT Settlement Agreement, a copy of which is provided as Attachment A." - EOIR, Dec. 2, 2013 .

OCIJ OPPM 15-01: Hearing Procedures for Cases Covered by New DHS Priorities and Initiatives

"This Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum (OPPM) provides background and guidance on hearings for aliens who might be covered by new immigration-related enforcement priorities and initiatives established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ... At the present time, there are...

New EOIR OPPM on Continuances (July 31, 2017)

EOIR, July 31, 2017 - "This Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum (OPPM) supplements and amends OPPM 13-01. It is intended to provide guidance to assist Immigration Judges with fair and efficient docket management relating to the use of continuances."

EOIR Posts OPPMs (Dec. 20, 2017)

Chief Immigration Judge MaryBeth Keller released two OPPMs on Dec. 20, 2017 - OPPM 17-03 Guidelines for Immigration Court Cases Involving Juveniles, Including Unaccompanied Alien Children OPPM 17-04 Applications for Cancellation of Removal or Suspension of Deportation that are Subject to the Cap

EOIR Posts OPPM 18-01 re Change of Venue (Jan. 17, 2018)

OPPM 18-01 - "Changes of Venue (COV) create problems in caseload management and operational inefficiencies in our courts. This Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum (OPPM) sets forth guidance to mitigate these challenges. These policies and procedures, however, require that every Immigration...