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DOJ: Fines, Not Flowers, For FTD

" The Justice Department announced today that it reached an agreement with FTD Inc., to resolve allegations that the company retaliated against a man for asserting rights under the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The Justice Department initiated the investigation...

Workers’ Rights on ICE: How Immigration Reform Can Stop Retaliation and Advance Labor Rights

"New report details how bad-actor employers use immigration enforcement to retaliate against workers, subverting both immigration and labor laws." - NELP, Feb. 2013 .

ICE Locks Up U.S. Citizen for Seven Months; She Sues

"Immigration officials imprisoned a U.S. citizen for seven months and when she sued for the abuse tried to revoke her citizenship in retaliation, the woman claims in court. Sharon Arlanza Yost sued the United States in Federal Court . ... Yost seeks damages for negligence, false imprisonment, and...