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Full Text of Senate Immigration Bill: BSEOIMA13

844 pages . Let the close reading begin!

Parsing the Senate's Immigration Bill

You could read all 844 pages for yourself. Or you could reference the interactive New York Times highlighted version .

CBO: Senate Immigration Bill Would Cut Deficits By $200 Billion

"The immigration bill under consideration in the Senate would reduce federal deficits by nearly $200 billion over the next decade, and continue generating savings in the years beyond, even after millions of new citizens became eligible for health-care and welfare benefits, congressional budget analysts...

Video: CBO Reports Senate Immigration Bill Would Save $900 Billion

"Congressional budget analysts said Tuesday that legislation to overhaul the nation's immigration laws would cut hundreds of billions from the federal deficit over the next two decades. Doug Stump, AILA President-Elect , joins us on Skype to discuss the report." - AILA, June 19, 2013 .

One in Four Could Not Legalize Under Senate Bill

"President Obama has staked his bid to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws on providing a path to citizenship for immigrants living in the country illegally. Failing to do so, he told a Spanish-language television station, would mean 11 million people “permanently resigned to a lower...