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The Saga of Sergio Garcia

Argument Recap in In re Garcia Before California Supreme Court: Does Federal Law Bar Licensing by the States of Undocumented Immigrants to Practice Law? Immigrant fights to become California lawyer Why is the Obama Administration Arguing that Undocumented Immigrants Should Not Practice Law?

Mooted, But Not Muted

Regarding the Sergio Garcia law license saga, professors Michael A. Olivas and Hiroshi Motomura write: "Two weeks ago, when the questioning at the Sergio Garcia trial went badly, we worked to draft an op-ed that would throw sand in the gears and re-direct the attention of the California Supreme...

Sergio Garcia Sworn In As California Lawyer

"He’s living in California illegally, but now he can legally practice law. California has allowed an undocumented immigrant into the state bar. His swearing-in ceremony was today, following a legal debate decades in the making. The steps of the California capitol served as the stage for Sergio...