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Foreign-Born Wage and Salary Workers in the US Labor Force and Unions

"This Spotlight looks at the available data on immigrant workers and unions, highlighting variations in union representation rates of immigrant workers across certain sectors." Jeanne Batalova, Migration Policy Institute, Sept. 2011 .

When Federal Statutes Collide

One set of federal laws says only authorized workers may be employed. Another set of statutes says all workers, authorized or not, have certain rights. In a Wisconsin pizza factory, these two federal laws come to a face-off. - New York Times, July 28, 2012 .

How Unions Went From Border Hawks To Immigration Doves

"Farmers around the country reported huge crop losses in 2012 thanks to immigration crackdowns that pushed away seasonal workers, especially in states like Alabama that passed their own hardline legislation. Labor will inevitably butt heads with business groups like the Chamber of Commerce over...

The Immigration Scandal at DHS - Just as Bad as at IRS

" Americans are outraged when tax laws and revenue agents bite them, but seem scantly or not at all troubled when our immigration laws and their bureaucratic enforcers devour people and property rights. No doubt this disparity of concern proves the maxim that it all depends on whether your own or...