Trademark Pits American Girl Dolls against Barbizon Modeling

Trademark Pits American Girl Dolls against Barbizon Modeling

It sounds like a B movie screenplay, but a recent trademark lawsuit has dolls doing battle against models and thespians. Last Friday, American Girl, the seller of dolls, doll clothing, historical books and videos, filed a trademark lawsuit against the modeling/acting agency, Barbizon International.

Barbizon uses the mark FIND YOUR INNER STAR in conjunction with its courses on modeling and acting. This mark is similar to American Girl's FOLLOW YOUR INNER STAR mark. In its infringement complaint, American Girl alleges that it:

offers and licenses to third parties to offer many forms of entertainment that enhance the American Girl experience, including the performance of live plays and fashion shows, live musical performances and production of feature films. These on-screen and live performances require actors, and American Girl's catalogs and website require models. Indeed, American Girl, its modeling agencies and its licensees regularly host casting calls and seek applications for models and actors nationwide. American Girl also holds photo shoots at various locations throughout the United States, engaging models for photography and videography.


American Girl provides services that overlap with, or are closely related to, those of Barbizon. American Girl offers entertainment services, conducts casting calls on its own or through its modeling agencies or third party licensees, and otherwise hires models and actresses in connection with providing entertainment services and advertising and marketing materials. As a result, consumers are likely to believe that Barbizon's services are offered by American Girl, or licensed by American Girl, when in fact they are not. 


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