IP Sources at lexis.com®

IP Sources at lexis.com®

With intellectual property sources at lexis.com, you can access the broadest, deepest collection of IP resources available from a single source-from comprehensive prior art databases to authoritative analytical resources and beyond.

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Cases, Statutes & Administrative Materials

  • Patent Cases, Administrative Decisions, and Regulatory Materials
  • Federal Trademark, Unfair Competition, and Trade Secret Cases, Administrative Decisions, and Regulations
  • State Trademark, Unfair Competition, and Trade Secret Cases
  • Copyright Cases of Federal Courts, International Trade Commission
  • BNA United States Patents Quarterly
  • USPTO Decisions  
  • U.S. Trademark Trial & Appeal Board Decisions
  • USCS - Titles 35 (Patent), 15 (Commerce and Trade), 17 (Copyright)
  • Congressional Bills and Bill Tracking - Current Congress
  • Congressional Record - Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Unfair Competition
  • CFR Titles 19 (Customs Duties), 37 (Patent, Trademark, and Copyright)
  • Federal Register Documents Relating to Patent, Trademark, Unfair Competition, Trade Secret, Copyright
  • U.S. - CIS Legislative Histories
  • Intellectual Property Treaties
  • Global IP Law Service

Analytical & Secondary Sources

  • Chisum on Patents (exclusive)
  • Gilson on Trademarks (exclusive)
  • Milgrim on Trade Secrets (exclusive)
  • Nimmer on Copyright (exclusive)
  • BNA Patent Trademark & Copyright Daily
  • Patent Office Rules and Practice (exclusive)
  • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
  • World Trademark Law and Practice
  • Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure
  • International Copyright Law and Practices

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Additional Resources

  • Patents: Utility, Design and Plant Patents (U.S.), European Patents, Patent Abstracts of Japan, PCT Patents, U.K Patents
  • Trademarks: Federal and State Trademarks (U.S.), Canada Trademarks, European Community Trademarks, United Kingdom Trademarks, WIPO Trademarks
  • Copyrights: U.S. Legal Documents, Monographs, Serials
  • U.S. Patent Grants Early Update and U.S. Pre-Grant Publications
  • INPADOC Patent Family and Legal Status Database
  • Manual of Classification (Patents) and European Patent Office Manual of Classification
  • U.S. Trademark Design Code Manual
  • Patent, Trademark & Copyright Periodicals
  • Mealey Publications Newsletters - Intellectual Property

Prior Art Resources

  • Research Disclosure
  • Elsevier Journals

Public Records

  • Court Records from CourtLink®
  • Jury Verdicts and Settlements, Combined
  • Corporation and Limited Partnership Information

News & Business Sources

Access to thousands of full-text, English-language news sources, including The Wall Street Journal®, Dow Jones® and Reuter® Newswires, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and many more.

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