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Scott A. McKeown
USPTO Proposes Hike in PTAB Fees for 2016

Fee Setting Authority to be Exercised for FY 2017 (Oct. 2016) In advance of the November 19, 2015 Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC) meeting, the USPTO has distributed its first fee change plan. As a reminder, the agency was given fee setting...

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Eric L. Lane
Supremes’ Alice Ruling Drowns Water Treatment Patent

A Green Patent Complaint Update post reported on the patent infringement suit between Neochloris and Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions. Citgo was also named as a defendant. In the lawsuit, Neochloris accused Emerson and Citgo of...

Scott A. McKeown
Secondary Considerations More Effective in Unpredictable Arts

Secondary Indicia of Greater Value in Bio/Pharma The submission of objective evidence of non-obviousness is rarely effective in the predictable arts (i.e., mechanical/electrical). This is because such evidence must have a "nexus" to the claimed...

David N. Feldman
Intellectual Property and Cuba

As relations and trade slowly begin to thaw with Cuba, what is the state of intellectual property protection there? According to a report today in the Washington Post , I suppose “could be worse” is a good summary. There seems to be a willingness...

Scott A. McKeown
Single APJ Pilot Comment Period Extended

Public Comment Period Extended until November 18th The USPTO published a request for comments in the Federal Register on August 25, 2015, seeking public comment on a proposed pilot program exploring an alternative approach to institution decisions...

Eric L. Lane
Volkswagen and the High-Tech Greenwash

By now the Volkswagen emissions scandal has been widely reported and analyzed, and the consequences the German carmaker will face for using software to cheat on emissions tests will be determined, at least in part, by a mass of lawyers . What interests...