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Family barred from using Gucci name on goods

NEW YORK – (AP) A judge has barred the ex-wife and daughter of Italian fashion scion Paolo Gucci from selling the family name to market handbags, gelato and other goods. In a decision Wednesday in federal court, U.S. District Judge Richard Berman...

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The Debate Continues

As we wait to hear what was happening with the Design Piracy Protection Bill, designers and their lawyers have been actively defending their rights. And, Law Review Article, two law professors - C. Scott Hemphill, Associate. Prof. of Law , Columbia Law...

Fashion Design Legislation
Legislation to extend copyright protection to fashion designs reintroduced in the 111th Congress

Representative William Delahunt (D-MA) has reintroduced the Design Piracy Prohibition Act (H.R. 2196), which extends copyright protection to fashion designs embodied in clothing and certain accessories, if certain conditions are met. If passed, the act...

Copyright & Trademark Law Community Staff
Can Google Really Do Anything? Please Take Our Survey!

Please take our brief survey! The Internet has been in widespread use for perhaps as little as 15 years, but it has quickly become a fixture in our daily lives as a source of information – for leisure, school, and work. The availability of news...

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Joseph P. Zammit and Jamie Hu
Arbitrating International Intellectual Property Disputes

As technology, marketing, and the methods for transmitting information traverse worldwide boundaries, the demand for intellectual property protection increases. Consequently, the need for international arbitration as an alternative over litigation in...

James B. Astrachan and Donna Thomas
Astrachan and Thomas on Brand Recognition

Manufacturers will parody well known products to take advantage of brand recognition among consumers. Their humorous brands are similar but not identical to the products they parody. Often challenged by the brand's owner, they sometimes prevail and...

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