Admiralty & Maritime Law Toolbox

Admiralty & Maritime Law Toolbox

LexisNexis Admiralty & Maritime Law Toolbox                    
Ahoy! Welcome aboard the LexisNexis Admiralty & Maritime Law Toolbox. We have stowed here for your ready use our major resources in the fields of admiralty practice and maritime law, the incomparable Benedict on Admiralty and related works concerning maritime laws, regulations, cases and arbitral awards, and legal analysis of issues in maritime commerce.

 Benedict on Admiralty

Benedict on Admiralty Desk Reference

Benedict on Admiralty: International Maritime Law: Documents and Commentary

Benedict on Admiralty's Maritime Practice & Procedure Forms

Benedict on Admiralty's Maritime Charter Party Forms

Benedict on Admiralty's Marine Oil Pollution

Benedict's Cruise Ship Law

Benedict's Maritime Bulletin

Cargo Transportation Security (Special Pamphlet) 

Collier Monograph: Ancillary and Other Cross-Border Insolvency Cases Under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code

Goods in Transit


Smit & Herzog on the Law of the European Union, Chapter 153, Common Transport Policy, Implementing Measures, Legislation pertaining to Inland Waterway and Maritime Transport, Section 153.06

Journal of Commerce  



Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce

Marine Pollution Bulletin

Marine Price Digest

Moore's Federal Practice, Vol. 29 Admiralty & Maritime Practice

Personal Injury in Admiralty

The Tulane Maritime Law Journal                      




Loyola Maritime Law Journal


Admiralty Emerging Issues Analyses

Society of Maritime Arbitrator Award Decisions

American Maritime Cases

Federal Maritime Commission Notices

DOT Maritime Administration Notices

United States Code Service, Title 9, Arbitration

United States Code Service, Title 14, Coast Guard

United States Code Service, Title 19, Customs Duties

United Stateds Code Service, Title 33, Navigation and Navigable Waters

United States Code Service, Title 46, Shipping

United States Code Service, Title 49, Transportation

United States Code Service - Supplemental Rules for Admiralty and Maritime Claims  

NEW> United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea - the "Rotterdam Rules"

For Law students and those new to the field: 

      Admiralty: Cases and Materials by Robert M. Jarvis, Divid J.  Bederman, Joel K. Goldstein, Steven R. Swanson

    Cargo Vessel Unloading                                                  Sextant