"International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives" Newly Released by LexisNexis

"International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives" Newly Released by LexisNexis

LexisNexis has just published "International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives".  General editors Horacio A. Grigera Naon and Paul E. Mason have recruited an outstanding group of practitioners and arbitrators from around the globe to share their expertise on various aspects of International Commercial Arbitration practice, from an examination of the various tribunals and rules, trends evident or emerging in international commercial arbitration related to particular industries, the arbitration culture and practices in various regions, and a host of practice-related issues, including the impact of new technologies on the arbitration process.  This new book is available in both print and on-line on lexis.com.

This indispensible tool brings together the insights of In-House Counsel, Outside Counsel, Arbitrators and Members of Major Arbitration Organizations to assist practitioners, arbitrators and academics.  

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This latest publication joins the vast body of on-line international arbitration content recently posted on lexis.com pursuant to a joint project by Juris Publishing and LexisNexis.  For more on the on-line offerings of International Arbitration now available on lexis.com, log on to lexis.com and select the International Arbitration tab

If you are not a LexisNexis subscriber, you can get an idea of the International Arbitration content available from LexisNexis by visiting our International Arbitration Law Toolbox in the Industry/Topical Law Toolbox section of this web community. 

Want MORE International Arbitration?!  You can also get involved with the International Arbitration Group on Martindale-Hubbell Connected where you can encounter some of the outstanding contributors to "International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives".  These include:

Pedro Aguiar de Freitas
Arif Hyder Ali
Dr. Shahla Ali
Henri Alvarez
J. Eloy Anzola
Luiz Cesar Aschermann Correa
Celso de Azevedo
Abhishek Bansal
Ashwinie Kumar Bansal
Raymond G. Bender, Jr.
Carlos Borromeu de Andrade
Stephen D. Butler
Ignacio de Castro
Roque J. Caivano
Claire Clutterham
Tina Cicchetti
Gary Davidson
Yves Derains
M. Scott Donahey
Ali Ehsassi
Madelaine Eppenstein
Theodore G. Eppenstein
Helena Tavares Erickson
Sally Fitzgerald
Judith Ann Freedberg
Jason Fry
Rodrigo Garcia da Fonseca
Bjorn Gehle
Carlos Gonzalez
Daniel E. Gonzalez
Simon Greenberg
Sally A. Harpole
Graham Harris
Asako Hatanaka
Glenn Hendrix
Dr. Eugenio Hernandez-Breton
Hee-Eun Kim
Matthew Kirtland
Mark Mangan
Luis M. Martinez
Paul E. Mason
Michael McIlwrath
Raza Mithani
Ilya V. Nikiforov
Joaquim de Paiva Muniz
Prof. William W. ("Rusty") Park
David W. Plant
Maria Eugenia Ramirez
Evgeny Raschevsky
Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu
James Rogers
John H. Rooney, Jr.
Dr. Borzu Sabahi
Matthias Scherer
George Anthony ("Tony) Smith
Jonathan Sutcliffe
Sarah Theurich
Thomas Ventrone
Hernany Veytia
Olga Vishnevskaya
Arnoldo Wald
Erik Wilbers

Prof. Richard L. Williamson, Jr.
Adrian Winstanley



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