Syrian Massacres and the Rule of Law

Syrian Massacres and the Rule of Law

If human rights are to be protected, and the rule of law to prevail, the days of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime are numbered. Until then, the massacres will continue.

On May 25th, the Syrian government murdered over 100 people, the majority women and children, in Houla. Tanks and artillery were used to attack a civilian population.

There is a graphic video linked to below showing some of the victims. Please do not watch the video unless you are prepared to see the bodies of murdered children.

Without plausibility, the government contends that others are responsible for this mass murder. Whether done by the military or pro-Assad militia, the intent and results are the same: brutal suppression of political opposition through murder.

It now appears that a similar massacre has taken place at Al-Kubeir. Unfortunately, pro-regime forces fired at U.N. monitors who went to investigate, precluding a thorough investigation of what happened and the scope of the damage inflicted on more civilians.

The United Nations and many nations are calling for action to both stop these mass murders and ultimately bring the perpetrators to justice. However, both Russia and China are backing the Syrian regime at the expense of human rights. As these countries do not value life or respect the human rights of their own citizens, one should not be surprised they would place a higher priority on political gain over protection of Syrian civilians.

If there is to be intervention, the likely path is arms supplied to the Syrian opposition, perhaps through Turkey and the Arab world. If he should live, President Assad will likely end up facing war crimes charges before the International Criminal Court. The only real issue is how many civilians have to die before justice is meted out to Assad and his minions.

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