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Brazil-Russia-India-China (BRIC) Laws Toolbox






Laws Toolbox

Welcome to LexisNexis B.R.I.C.Laws toolbox that brings you LexisNexis content available for the new emerging economic bloc composed of the nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China (the People’s Republic of China.) The BRIC nations have held their first economic summit in Ekaterinenburg, Russia, at which a Joint Statement of the BRIC Countries Leaders was issued. You will find below the legal content and analysis that we have for these four countries.  If you are new to working in the nations of this bloc, our Guide to International Legal Research may be helpful to you; please check the chapters on Latin America (Brasil), RussiaSouth Asia (India), and Asia (China) for materials on the four major nations of this emerging economic bloc.
Our Multi-Jurisdictional Surveys including content on the following topics:  Discovery Rules, Energy – Carbon Trading, International Arbitration/Dispute Resolution, International Bankruptcy Filing Requirements, and Minority Shareholder Rights. Click on the link and select the appropriate regional menu for the topic you wish and then choose from the national listings.

You may also wish to review the Lex Mundi Multi-Jurisdictional Surveys with country-specific entries from the local Lex Mundi law firms on a variety of different commercial and financial law topics.

Guide to International Legal Research, Chapter 9 Latin America (select Brazil sections from menu)
 View of Rio de Janeiro and Guanabara Bay from Corcovado Mountain 
Guide to International Legal Research, Chapter 7, Russia and the Former Soviet Union
Emerging Issues Analysis:
Please visit our local LexisNexis Russia website to discover the range of LexisNexis services available in the Russian Federation.
 View of Moscow, Presnensky District
Guide to International Legal Research, Section 5.01 The Republic of India
You will find more Indian laws and expert legal analysis at the website of our Indian sister company, LexisNexis Butterworths Wadwha
To keep upon the latest developments in Indian law and proposed changes be sure to read Halsbury’s India   each month!
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Elsevier Chennai office
Guide to International Legal Research, Chapter 4 Asia (see China sections)
Emerging Issues Analysis
Our China law offerings expand regularly.  In addition to our offerings below, you will find more Indian laws and expert legal analysis at the website of our Chinese sister company, LexisNexis China.
To keep abreast of the latest developments in Chinese law and proposed changes be sure to visit the LexisNexis Hong Kong Legal Community website each month!

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 Portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong at the Tiananmen Gate.