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Veneta Hristova on the Latest Amendments to the Bulgarian Investment Promotion Act and its Implications in Relevant Legislation

Excerpt: The continuing economic crisis in Bulgaria has become a reason for the significant reduction of the amount of foreign investment in the country in the last years. This fact motivated the Cabinet and the Parliament, together with a large number...

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Sumeet Kachwaha on the New Challenges and Opportunities for India in Bilateral Investment Treaties

by Sumeet Kachwaha Excerpt: In the early 1990's India was confronted with a very bleak fiscal scenario. It took a bold decision to move away from its socialist path and embrace economic reform, liberalise the economy and attract foreign investment...

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Hiba Husseini on Secured Transactions Regimes in Emerging Arab Market Economies

by Hiba Husseini Access to credit is one limitation on growth in Arab economies. Secured transactions laws leave borrowers unable to leverage while lenders struggle to manage uncertainty created by outdated laws. Reform can reduce lender risk and increase...

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Péter Mezei on the Most Recent Amendments to Hungarian Copyright Law

Hungary amended its copyright regime many times in the last two years. Amendments relate to collective rights management, terms of protection granted to musical performers and phonogram producers, moral rights and criminal law relating to copyright. The...

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Marco Mazzeschi on the Status of Implementation of the Blue Card Directive

by Marco Mazzeschi Excerpt: The EU directive 2009/50 of May 29, 2009 (the so called "Blue Card Directive") was approved to improve the EU's ability to attract highly qualified workers from third countries.The aim was not only to enhance...

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DLA Piper: Tougher Product Liability Provisions Following The Release Of Long-awaited Amendments To Consumer Rights And Interests Protection Law In China

By Sammy Fang and Moore Lu Download PDF The rise of consumerism in China over the past ten years, accompanied by huge increases in domestic consumption, has spurred greater regulatory enforcement in the area of product liability, as well as greater...