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For students of the law of all ages and lawyers faced with transactions involving foreign law in Civil Law or Mixed Jurisdictions perhaps for the first time, we at LexisNexis can provide you with fundamental tools and sources to enable you to grasp the concepts of non-common law based legal systems....

Methodology and Innovation in Mixed Legal Systems

WSMJJ Conference Announcement Who: Third International Congress of the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists What: Methodology and Innovation in Mixed Legal Systems When: 20-23 June 2011 Where: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Co-Sponsored by: The Hebrew University...

Puerto Rico bail referendum sparks rights debate

SAN JUAN Puerto Rico (AP) - Puerto Ricans are debating an upcoming referendum that would give judges the right to deny bail in certain murder cases.The proposal has the backing of both Full version (available to lexis.com subscribers)