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Change of Pakistan's blasphemy laws unlikely

ISLAMABAD (AP) - The apparent collapse of a case against a Christian girl accused of burning pages of a Quran has given a dim ray of hope to critics of Pakistan's blasphemy laws, some of the harshest in the Muslim world. The girl was believed to be Full version (available to lexis.com subscribers...

Pakistan: In twist, Muslims accused of blasphemy

KARACHI Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan's blasphemy laws may be used to punish Muslims suspected of ransacking a Hindu temple in an intriguing twist for a country where harsh laws governing religious insults are primarily used against Full version (available to lexis.com subscribers)

Pakistan court acquits Christian girl of blasphemy

ISLAMABAD (AP) - A Pakistani court on Tuesday acquitted a Christian girl accused of blasphemy over the burning of the Muslim holy book, her lawyer said. The ruling was the final chapter in a case that caused an international outcry over Pakistan's strict blasphemy laws, which are very Full version...