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Guatemala ex-dictator must appear in genocide case

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) - Former dictator Efrain Rios Montt must appear in criminal court in a genocide case involving crimes against indigenous Guatemalans during his de-facto government in the 1980s, a federal prosecutor said Saturday. The retired general must declare on Full version (available to...

Khmer Rouge chief jailer gets life in prison

PHNOM PENH Cambodia (AP) - A U.N.-backed tribunal's Supreme Court lengthened the sentence for the Khmer Rouge's chief jailer to life imprisonment on Friday because of his "shocking and heinous" crimes against the Cambodian people. The surprise ruling increased a Full version (available...

Philippine rights office to investigate mass grave

MANILA Philippines (AP) - The Philippines' human rights commission said Monday that it would investigate a report by the military that it has exhumed a mass grave containing at least 30 suspected victims of Full version (available to lexis.com subscribers)

Cambodia genocide defendant ruled unfit for trial

PHNOM PENH Cambodia (AP) - One of the leaders of the former Khmer Rouge regime will be set free after a court in Cambodia ruled Thursday that she was medically unfit to stand trial for genocide, a decision survivors called Full version (available to lexis.com subscribers)