The Arizona Breakdown – EEOC Charges, Sunny Days, and a Few Things In Between

The Arizona Breakdown – EEOC Charges, Sunny Days, and a Few Things In Between

After the blog's brief hiatus, I started debating what sort of post would be worthy of the "first post back" honors, and I realized that I had so much to update and catch up on within my own state, that I should just start right here. So, here it is: the Arizona Breakdown.

*FY 2011 EEOC Charge Receipts (

The EEOC released the statistics for the Charges of Discrimination filed in Arizona for FY 2009-2011. The number of total Charges went up in FY 2011 from 2,486 to 2,854, and represents 2.9% of the total U.S. Charges. In case you are looking at the chart and wondering why the numbers seem skewed, individuals can allege more than one type of claim, which results in there being fewer Charges identified than individual types of claims asserted. As you can see, allegations of retaliation top the list, and the (somewhat) newly minted Genetic Information and Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) has been the subject of 13 Charges.

What's on the horizon in Arizona?  The 2012 Convention for the State Bar of Arizona is taking place from June 20-22, 2012 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa. I am co-chairing the Convention Committee for the Employment and Labor Law Section, and we have put together - as we call it - a "One-Day Extravaganza with the Best of the Best" for Friday, June 22. There are simply too many highlights to summarize - so here is the brochure, in case you need any convincing to attend.

And just in case you are debating whether to step outside and brave the heat, the new OSHA Heat Safety Tool app can tell you exactly what you are in store for, and the safety precautions that workers should take to avoid heat stroke or other heat-related injuries this summer. As I am writing this, it appears that, despite it being 101 degrees outside, it only feels like 95.2 degrees. Hmm.

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