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Jon Hyman
Are your policies updated to account for Ohio's new ban on texting while driving?

The statistics are enough to scare anyone from texting while driving: Drivers are 23 times more likely to crash while texting and driving. If you only take your eyes off the road for five seconds, at 55 mph, you've traveled the length of...

Eric Meyer
No ADA accommodations required for non-disabled employees

Last week, we had a two-part series on the interplay between the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act . The former clearly obligates employers to afford leave to an eligible employee to care for a sick child. But, what...

Margaret (Molly) DiBianca
California Passes Comprehensive Social-Media Privacy Laws

California is now the third state to pass legislation banning employers from requesting or requiring the social-networking passwords of employees and applicants. The bill was passed by the state Assembly on Wednesday, reports the WSJ Blog . Maryland was...

LexisNexis® Mealey's™ Legal News
$3.3M Judgment Entered Against Couple Accused of Enslaving, Raping Housekeeper

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (Mealey's) A U.S. Department of State information technology manager and her husband tricked an Ethiopian woman into accompanying them as their domestic servant to Japan, where they held her virtually as a prisoner in their home...

Robin Shea
Employers, don't let your employees use the "M" word -- it may be harassment.

That is not a typo. Watch out for the "M" word if you don't want to be accused of harassment based on race, national origin, or color. The "M" word is "monkey." Now me, if I were to associate a human being with...

Margaret (Molly) DiBianca
Social Media Round-Up

There have been a number of interesting social-media stories in the news headlines recently. And, although I'd love to devote a post to each of them, my day job makes that ambition a bit unrealistic. But they are worthy of mention, so I'm going...