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Margaret (Molly) DiBianca
How Delaware's Password-Privacy Bill Would Impact Teachers

Delaware's Workplace Privacy Act, H.B. 308 will go to the Delaware House of Representatives one week from today. The Bill, if passed in its current form, would impact all employers, including teachers in the public and private sectors. You can read...

Donna Ballman
What EEOC Wants You To Know About Using Criminal Records In Employment Decisions

The EEOC has issued a new guidance about how the use of criminal records in making employment decisions might be illegal discrimination. Why might using criminal records result in discrimination? EEOC says this about racial disparity and criminal records...

Robin Shea
Up in smoke: Hopes of ADA protection for medical marijuana use are dashed . . . for now, anyway

As you all know, the Americans with Disabilities Act excludes "current users of illegal drugs" from protection. Meaning that an employer is free to take action against applicants or employees based on their current use of illegal drugs. A...

Philip Miles
EEOC: Confederate Flag = Hostile Work Environment?

In Dawson v. Donahoe (opinion here) , the EEOC recently held that employees wearing t-shirts with Confederate flags may constitute a hostile work environment: In this case, Complainant has alleged that he notified the Postmaster as early as March 2011...

Margaret (Molly) DiBianca
Illinois Passes Password-Privacy Law

The Illinois Senate approved a bill banning employers from requesting the Facebook passwords of employees and applicants on Tuesday, reports the Chicago Tribune . If Illinois' Governor signs the legislation, it will become the second state in the...

John Holmquist
Time to check the dress code? Can an employee be "too hot?"

According to news reports , a 28 year old female employee was fired from a Manhattan based lingerie wholesaler because she wore inappropriate clothing to work. At a press conference with her attorney Gloria Allred, the woman said that she was told by...