Join Your Colleagues on Martindale-Hubbell Connected

Join Your Colleagues on Martindale-Hubbell Connected

Want to gain more insight and add your thoughts about today's legal business community? Join your colleagues on Martindale-Hubbell Connected, the online, professional network designed exclusively for legal professionals, by joining these groups.

Future of the Legal Industry (FOLI)

Join this group to discuss and debate the future of the industry from multiple perspectives: law firms, clients, students and companies that support the industry.

Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals

Join this group to connect with those involved in KM in law firms, law departments, or in the legal industry.

Law Department Management

Join this group to share information and insights about how general counsel and other lawyers in-house who have management responsibility can best lead their law departments. This group discusess structure, outside counsel, benchmarking, client satisfaction, talent management and other topics related to the effective operation of law departments both large and small.

Legal Marketing

Join this group to discuss issues of legal marketing and business development.

Litigation Management

Join this group to connect with attorneys who manage litigation.

Managing Partners Connected

Join this group to take part in the exchange of knowledge between managing partners of law firms, owners of law firms and lawyers running a private practice.

Redwood Forum

Join this group to connect with fellow users of Redwood Analytics products including the Redwood Suite, Cubes, Dashboard, Lexis Diversity Insight, Lexis Firm Insight, and the Business of Law Insight. This is the place for the Business Intelligence community to come together and discuss best practices, insights, and the business of law.

Social Media for Lawyers

Twitter, blogs, RSS, social and professional networking; so many sites, so many tools, how do you pick and choose (and do you have to) and what are best ways to use these tools to maximize business and benefits? Join this group to learn and share.

Social Media Policy Group

Join this group to explore the risk presented by unfettered postings into social networks. The risk is serious, pervasive, and increasing. Existing policies are unlikely to cover evolving situations, but even assuming existing policies are in place, enforcement can be problematic. The group will gather publicly posted policies and develop a policy template that includes best practices and talking points.

 Virtual Law Firms

Join this group to discuss and debate the virtual law firm model in the legal profession, including virtual law firm infrastructure, benefits to clients, benefits to attorneys, and related issues.