Law Firms on Facebook - More than a toe in the water

Law Firms on Facebook - More than a toe in the water


If I had a nickel for every time a lawyer asked me, "Should we be on Facebook?" . . . I'd be - well, you know. 

JD SUPRA has identified several firms that have established a great presence on Facebook, and the article notes why.  For those lawyers and firms who are more timid, assume what these firms are doing is the "Gold Standard." 

Fenwick & West is the firm at the top of the article, and I know for a fact that Fenwick has strategically invested time and money into developing this strong presence.  As one of the premier technology firms in the world, having a leading social media strategy is critical.

Rob Kahn, the Director of Business Development for Fenwick, says, "We decided early on to get involved, but to stay focused on a Facebook presence that fit the platform-friendly. As Facebook and other social platforms evolve with regard to business communications, so will our presence on those platforms."  Rob notes that he views Fenwick's presence as rudimentary, especially in light of what's possible.  "A stronger FB strategy would be multifaceted (i.e. recruiting v alumni v community v practice v industry) and significantly more robust in terms of content."

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