LexisNexis Firm Manager

LexisNexis Firm Manager

So I demoed LexisNexis Firm Manager the other day. It's a web-based app like Clio and  Rocketmatter, built on the Microsoft Silverlight platform. And I have to say ... I was impressed. Here's what you can expect from Firm Manager:

  • Dashboard View: A quick, centralized view of cases, appointments, meetings, tasks, recent messages, and more.
  • Smartphone Integration: Firm Manager syncs with Microsoft® Outlook®, iPhone®, BlackBerry®, AndroidTM and the iPad® right away. Nice.
  • Time and Expense: Track time and expenses for anyone in the office. Firm Manager will compile and display the information by client or matter.
  • Finally! No Contract, No Install, Pay as You Go, Data Freedom: Month-to-month payments. Don't like it? Take up to 6 months to port your data!
  • Contact Management: Find, create, or update contacts on the fly or at the office and use them without any lag time. Instant on capabilities.
  • Conflict Search: Powerful embedded search technology lets users comb through existing firm records to surface any potential conflict of interest.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Built-in notifications and reminders re events, tasks, and changes in their status for anybody in the firm.

The list goes on, and the app is still in development so there is also time to put in your 2 cents. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to be heard by the developers!

Want to know more? Click this link to register for priority access to the beta test of LexisNexis Firm Manager and qualify to win one of 5 spanking new iPads that LexisNexis is giving away to Practicehacker readers! And just for mentioning me, Mazy Hedayat, or "Practicehacker" in the comment field of the sign-up form you'll receive priority access to the beta.

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